View Full Version : AimJunkies Exclusive VIP Referral Program

07-01-2012, 09:30 PM
Hello junkies! If your sub is running out, you can't find any pennies on the floor, and you've checked between the cushions, all hope is not lost. ;)

For every person that you refer to AimJunkies, you and your friend will get a week added onto a current hack subscription.

In order to receive a free week of subscription time for both parties, the referrer must post in the AimJunkies Exclusive VIP Referral Program forum. Please create a new thread and tell us the forum name of the friend that you referred. In order for the referral to be valid, the person that was referred must post a reply to your created thread.

- If you have more than one active hack subscription, you can request for time to be added to one subscription.

- The person referred must be buying for the first time.

- Does not apply to trusted cheats.

- There is no limit to how many people you can refer.

- In the event of any chargebacks, claims, or disputes from PayPal from the referred party, the referrer will lose any subscription time that was added.

- Does not apply to subs of a week or less.

- Any abuse of this referral program can result in loss of added time and/or lost subscription.

- This does not apply to 1 day trial subscriptions, 3 day subscriptions, or 1 week subscriptions; Referrer or referred.

- There is a two-time referral limit on any Overdose Packages.

- This offer only applies for new VIP members; the person being referred can only be referred within the first three days of their first subscription.