View Full Version : TF2 hack review - 7/10

07-14-2012, 09:45 PM
Menu: 9/10
- Easy to use.
- Slide bars need adjustment. (Misses numbers, recommend: "a box to manualy enter a #")

Aimbot: 9/10
- FOV - Doesn't go to 360
- Autobackstab is about the only feature I use out of the cheat, besides World ESP.

Misc menu: 9/10
- Has problems opening.
- Speedhack is a great feature, along with speed control.

Features wish to be added:
- Auto Detonate
- FOV 360
- (Manual enter #'s for FOV, smooth, etc.)

Other than that, it's a simple hack. Aimbot + Crits + Sentry aimbot = unstoppable.

07-14-2012, 10:07 PM
Heavy + Aimbot + All crits = Instant server clearer.

There is no stopping this hack one you have joined a server, at that point it's pretty much over.
The same thing goes for any other hack that we sell. If you buy it then you are guaranteed to succeed at any game, no matter what it is.
I am glad that you enjoyed the hack and hope to see you around in TF2 sometime.