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11-01-2022, 07:30 AM

Game Engine:

- Frostbite

Game Version:

- Latest Version


- Click Here (https://www.aimjunkies.com/hackstatus.php)
Operating systems:



- 1 month - $149.95


- Load and forget, stream the bot from loader and start your game, it will navigate to FUT for you and will start the draft process
- Creates new FUT Online Draft if squad is not complete
- Works on any round, say you stopped drafting at the 2nd round before, it will continue where you left off
- Claims draft prize at end of round 4 for you and creates new draft squad
- Accounts for opponents leaving during duel screen or if opponent doesn't accept, will automatically search for a new opponent
- Accounts for internet connection loss or if you get kicked out of FUT for some reason, Bot will rejoin FUT and draft again
- Can use FIFA Points for draft fee

- Current Bot Status (What the bot is currently doing)
- Matches Completed Counter
- Coins Used
- FIFA Points Used

- Spoof Draft Round Search (Search for opponents in any round, very risky, try to avoid using it)
- Use FIFA Points to enter
- Auto Pause Bot after certain number of matches
- Pause bot on demand (F5 Key)

What this bot CANNOT do:

- This does NOT bypass 15 matches per hour limit
- This does NOT bypass 75 matches per day limit
- This bot will NOT open packs for you and sell players
- It will NOT bot offline Draft Mode, it will only bot online draft mode

Anti Cheats


https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/aimjunkiescdn/buy_now_large.png (https://forum.aimjunkies.com/paid_subscriptions.php?subid=469)