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06-29-2011, 03:39 AM
How's it going everyone, just figured I'd share my honest opinion about this valued package:

Best. Deal. Ever. It happens to be a package where you get every hack offered on the site, and it has to be the one of the best deals I've ever seen. No other site has this sort of package deal with 9 hacks for $25.00/mo. That comes to each hack being about $2.79! Let's get on to the hacks themselves.

Bad Company 2

This hack is exceptional!! Above many of the so-called "top-selling" sites. The no spread on this hack has proved itself worthy of sniping someone across the map from Heavy Metal, staged, and un-staged. The aimbot is extremely accurate with every weapon I tested, and usually killed within about 3-4 shots from the weapon with an average ping of about 100. It has the option to choose from key bones on the game's entities, including the head, neck, both arms, both legs, the chest and waist. The esp is very clean and organized, but you have just a little bit of trouble deciphering it with alot of players clumped together, but what hack doesn't have that problem, eh?

Black Ops

Made by the same coder as the BC2 hack, again this hack did not let me down, and in fact impressed me. Many hacks I have used have caused me more than a 30 frame drop versus no hacks at all, but not this one. I MAYBE lost about 4-5 frames max. The aimbot is up to par with some of the renowned nospread and autowall hacks, and definitely did not disappoint me. Again, the esp is clean and organized, and you have no trouble judging where the enemies are at with the skeletons and perfectly scaled boxes.

Call of Duty 4

I have played with this bot before it had ever been released on GF/AJ, but this time that I had used it, System has majorly improved on his bot. Going from a pure D3D hack to a pure engine hack made this hack 5x faster than what it was before. The esp still has the beautiful crisp element to it as I remember, but now with engine, MUCH cleaner. The aimbot is much faster and much more accurate, and doesn't have that strange shake to it anymore. Good job System.

APB Reloaded

Now this was the hack I was most excited about getting from this package. With all the features packed into this beautiful work of art, how could you not like this hack? If anyone has played this game, they know how hard it is to unlock new items for the player to buy and use. Within the 4 hours I used this hack, I had already gotten my way up to around $100,000 and a couple new LMGs, Rifles, SMGs, and vehicles. Very nice aimbot to it, and very accurate, no matter what gun you're using. I had the best results with a sniper, setting the aimbot to the head, but still, it is an extremely accurate bot nonetheless.

I haven't got a chance to use the other hacks, or just haven't due to being stuck on these 4 hacks, haha, or just not having the game. Great work to the coders, SystemFiles and Sequence, and a great job to the staff of AimJunkies, as well as a thank you to all that you have done with this site. Very successful and I see a very bright future ahead of you with your current coders. Great job guys. Keep it up.

06-29-2011, 03:46 AM
Thank you, glad you like our hacks. Have fun my friend!

06-29-2011, 05:38 PM
Thank you for the kind words and to expand on your first point, I have seen other hack sites that say they offer an all hack package and then when members buy that package with excitement they come to find out that the hack they really wanted in not included in that sites all hack package. Here if it says all hack package you get every hack we have to offer. Enjoy your overdose package.