View Full Version : Very nice BFBC2 hack!

10-09-2010, 09:49 PM
I started using the hack last night and must say that I like everything about it. I like the that you used both bounding boxes and skeleton. I also like the aimbot having the responce time ajustable like it is. It works very well and is easily set on the fly. nothing difficult at all to set up. I have messed with using full auto weapons and sniper rifles and it is very accurate. For being only a week old you have done a great job Sequence! I like the loader also, it is clean and looks very nice!

I have been a fanatical user of a very well known hack and you guys know who that is so I won't post it since it would undermnine this whole post. being that I know allot about hacks in general and all, I rate this hack as one of my top choices and trust me I have used them all!. You have things in this hack even they don't have and that is great!

To any new hack seekers you have definitly come to the right place. If you want something very (and i mean VERY) easy to use yet powerful enough to stand up to the big boys this is it.