View Full Version : Signature Request [Paying 25] Advanced users only.

11-29-2012, 05:26 PM
As the title says; I'm looking for a signature.
An avatar that matches it, wouldn't hurt either :)

I've seen some pretty awesome work around here and I'm looking for something unique.
Something you don't see on every single forum you go to..

I'll pay whoever makes the signature I like the most.
The "winner" will receive 25$ [Will be sent through paypal.]

Size; your choice, just don't make it tiny.

Style; something uncommon.

Theme; 1. art. | 2. technology / Sci-Fi. | 3. hacking.

Box; don't just make it the standard rectangle/square box with effects, stocks and renders in it.
^i like it when the effects goes out of the box, or when there's no box at all.

Text; Jesper (optional sub-text; sxxnx)

Render; you pick.

Stocks; you pick.

Animation; (optional; IF YOU ARE GOOD AT IT..)

Let's see how creative you people are.
Will choose the best sig @ december 5.