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02-13-2013, 08:55 PM

Well, I'm pretty new to the VIP section, and this has been my first day cheating away with the quality hacks on AimJunkies!
I can't describe how satisfied I am with everything, but I am at least going to try!

I had no idea whatsoever that the support could be this good.
I had some issues with the BFP4F cheat, so I decided to contact live support.
My expectations told me to go and get a cup of coffee. But before even getting up from my chair, I was connected with a helper, and the issue were quickly resolved.

Battlefield Heroes
This is amazing, it scares me that a competitive online game can be made so ridiculously easy.
Just pick your favorite visual settings, configure the aimbot the way you're comfortable with, and relax.
Sure, it might be good to go easy on the poor bastards, unless you don't mind the crybabies calling your mom nasty stuff! :facepalm:

Battlefield Play4Free
Holy ****.. well.
At first, I weren't completely satisfied with the aimbot, I couldn't manage to get enough hits.
Now for some reason, I thought that the option "No Spread" was crashing the game, so that wasn't enabled.
After a while of playing, I randomly stumbled upon another AimJunkies player on the same server, and he did alot better than me.
I asked about his settings, and then if No Spread crashed his game to.
-No?! he said.
So I turned on my No Spread which worked perfectly fine, and after that.. holy crap (yes, I feel kinda religious, may the coders be with me).
Everything works great, and the aimbot is just super, even though killing people across the map with an SMG might seem suspicious ;)

Thank you AimJunkies and all coders for making this kind of amusement possible! :D


02-13-2013, 08:58 PM
Thank you for your awesome review and kind words :) It's nice to see you are enjoying our hack.

02-14-2013, 04:47 AM
Thanks you for the kind and lovely words, Enjoy the stay :D