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02-08-2017, 10:39 AM
The best Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
By Matt Porter


If you're looking for strong graphical performance at a reasonable price, then look no further than the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070. The GTX 1070 matches or exceeds the performance of the GTX 980 Ti and the GTX Titan X in every game and at every setting we've tested, and it does it while being cheaper (less than half the price of the Titan X with the GTX 1070's MSRP of $380) and using much less power.

Of course, it's not as fast as the GTX 1080, but nothing else really is at the moment. It is quite a bit cheaper though, and it still has all the new Pascal architecture goodness which makes the GTX 1080 great too. It's got the 16nm FinFET technology, 8GB of VRAM, simultaneous multi-projection, and improved delta color compression. You can read all about what makes the GTX 1070 tick in our review.

So, the GTX 1070 is the best graphics card right now, but now comes the hard part. Which model are you going to buy? Below you'll find a list of all the big manufacturers of the GTX 1070, with some of the pros and cons of each. The reference card specs for the GTX 1070 have a base clock speed of 1506MHz and a boost clock speed of 1683MHz, with a memory speed of 8000MHz. Many of the custom cards below will have boosted specs, and custom coolers too. Here's where you need to start if you want to find the best deals on the Internet for the best graphics card.

The best EVGA GTX 1070

EVGA has a whole range of custom GTX 1070 options available, some of which are even water cooled if you don't want to do it yourself. The EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW Hybrid has a base / boost clock speed of 1607 / 1797MHz, with an ever so slightly boosted memory speed of 8008MHz. All you have to do is plug in an extra couple of power cables, secure the radiator and fan to the back of your case, and you've got a powerful water cooled card ready to go.
The best Asus GTX 1070 deals

Asus has plenty to offer on the GTX 1070 front too. The ROG Strix O8G Gaming GeForce GTX 1070 is a monster card with three fans and a major performance boost. In OC mode, the card runs at 1657 MHz base clock speed (nearly as high as the boost clock speed on the reference card), with a boost of 1860MHz. Plus the memory speed has been nudged up to 8008MHz. It's not massively pricey either, with an MSRP of $450.

The best MSI GTX 1070

MSI's GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming Z 8G has the same base / boost clock speed of the Asus card mentioned above in OC mode at 1657 / 1860MHz, but the memory is even faster at 8108MHz. Two big fans and a large heatsink keep things cool, and it actually remains fairly quiet too. It's a little more expensive, but there are cheaper options available, or you can go all out and get the pricey MSI Sea Hawk EK X water cooled 1070.

The best Gigabyte GTX 1070

If you're looking for power, but don't want to fork over the cash for a GTX 1080, the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 Xtreme Gaming card has some serious stats. In OC Mode, the base clock is 1695MHz, and the boost clock is a whopping 1898MHz. Also when in OC Mode, the memory is boosted all the way up to 8316MHz. To keep all this overclocking cool, there are three 100mm fans overlapping each other. Plus this model comes with a handy extra 2 HDMI ports.

The best PNY GTX 1070

PNY's option for the GTX 1070, the XLR8 Gaming OC, has a base clock of 1607MHz and a boost clock of 1797MHz, with the memory speed at 8008MHz. Not mind blowing stats compared to some of the others on this list, however the triple fan cooler stops the overclock getting too hot and it's also pretty quiet. Only one 8-pin power connector needed too.

The best Zotac GTX 1070

Zotac has a big old 2.5 slot GTX 1070 Amp Extreme with some decent overclocks if you're looking for that extra performance. A 1632 / 1835MHz base / boost clock speed, with the memory tuned up to 8208MHz, there's a lot to like about this one. Three fans on the top and six heatpipes underneath keep everything running smoothly. Plus it looks pretty nice, and also has some extra LEDs if you're into lighting the inside of your case.

The best GALAX GTX 1070

GALAX has a few options available, one of which, the Virtual Edition, has an image of a man covered in red bandages for some reason. This card also blows hot air directly out of your PC case rather than letting it circulate inside. GALAX also has some higher performance cards available, such as the 2.5 slot HOF edition which has a base / boost clock speed of 1620 / 1822MHz.

The best Inno3D GTX 1070

You'll have to import this one if you're in the US, but the Inno3D GeForce GTX 1080 iChill X4 Edition is a beefy graphics card with decent overclocks and a nice big cooler. With the clock speeds driven up to 1620 / 1822MHZ base / boost, and the memory up at 8200MHz, it's no wonder this card needs four fans to make sure everything's cooled properly. There are some other options with slightly less over the top coolers attached too.

The best Gainward GTX 1070

Gainward has a simple card with the reference specs, but it uses its own slightly modified cooling system. Alternatively, the Phoenix GLH is a massive 2.5 slot card with two 100mm fans. Plus it has two BIOS settings, with factory overclocked settings on one, and your own overclocks on another. The base / boost clock speeds are up at 1670 / 1873MHz, and the memory is slightly tuned to 8008MHz.

The best Palit GTX 1070

Plenty of Palit options, but the one which sticks out is the GameRock Premium Edition with the G-Panel. Much like its GTX 1080 equivalent, the panel is an LCD display which shows all the system essentials. It also gives your PC an extra USB 3.0 type C and USB 3.0 type A port. Plus the card itself has good clock speeds at 1670 / 1873MHZ base / boost, and a frankly humongous effective memory clock speed of 8500MHz.

02-15-2017, 08:13 PM
So it would be a waste to buy a 1080 been look on the classified 1080 evga been thinking on getting that one. And might overclock it. Money is not a issue. Whats your view on the 1080's Is there a better one?. Was looking on FTW edition to but then i find the classified and read about it a bit.

02-17-2017, 08:49 AM
Got 2 1080 in sli, not even problems, with ark, or any other games, dishonored 2 all ez pz to play on max settings.

02-18-2017, 05:20 AM
Wow nice!


02-18-2017, 05:50 AM
looks good

02-18-2017, 09:08 AM
I would better pay <240 EUR for a gtx 1060 6GB than ~400 EUR for a 1070.

Performance in games are slightly different but surely not noticeable with eye. Paying 160 more EUR (or about the same in $) is just non sence, but well, if you are a Benchmark fanboy, go for 1070 :D

mister k
03-02-2017, 04:53 PM
Got MSI GTX1070 Gaming X8G for 375 Eur (second hand with plenty warranty left), overclocked it to 2,1ghz ~69C max.

Performance is almost stock 1080. I love it.

03-13-2017, 05:01 AM
Still have an 650 TI, FeelsBadMan, i will be upgrading soon to a new card, dont know wich one yet xD

04-13-2017, 04:30 AM
I have always liked 1070 and 1080. A friend of recently upgraded his machine and installed 1080 now. Gaming is kickass on 2k!

I have also recently built a machine but right now I am using Gigabyte Rx480 8Gb, Its works good on 2k too. But I am also planning to go for high-end graphic card.

- - - Updated - - -

Btw, any idea on 4k Monitors? I need to get it this week or by next week. Any good performance monitors you guys know of?

04-24-2017, 10:20 AM
Lol sli does support not each game, money is thrown away :facepalm:

04-24-2017, 10:24 AM
i have 1070 gainward phoenix it is a super card all games working in WQHD (2560x1440) on ultra settings without problems, Sli is superfluous

04-24-2017, 10:28 AM

04-24-2017, 10:33 AM
2k-fulhd (1920x1080) HD1080, 1080p High Definition, „Full HD“, „2K“ 1920 1080 16∶9 16∶9 WQHD (2560x1440) 4k-(3840 2160 and upper) :facepalm: from wikipedia