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03-13-2011, 05:40 PM
Official Game Froobs review by HR_Admin

Game Froobs is owned and operated by the fella known as Crusher. They have been in operation for only a few months, so not much of a back story for me to report. I first heard of the Froobs when I was testing out another hack in MOH. I ran across a moderator of another well known hack site and he told us in game about Game Froobs. Right then and there I decided to purchase their hack and ask them if they would be interested in being reviewed. Now normally I don’t purchase hacks, as they are offered freely to me to test, but I decided to buy this one. Let me tell you this, I didn’t regret it.

Game Froobs coder, known as Sequence, makes a hell of a hack. I didn’t think so at first, especially with the MOH hack. But like any new hack, it only gets better with age. Since the Froobs were new, I decided to sit on my review awhile and see what develops. My patience has indeed paid off. Big time. Their BC2 hack is bar none one of the most deadly hacks there is. The only thing keeping this hack from dominating everything it comes across is a no spread feature. Adding DX10 support will be the icing on the cake for this hack. The only gripe is that to change the color of the bounding boxes and color visibility checks, you have to edit a configuration file that comes with the hack. If that was configurable from the hack menu, then it would be awesome.

I did have problems with the MOH hack in the beginning. The staff was ferocious with tech support, almost overwhelming me. I assumed they were just being very helpful to me because of who I am. That isn’t the case. I’ve been observing the way they give customers help. It’s top notch service all around. The longest post wait time I’ve witnessed was 1 hour. Meaning within one hour or less, someone is on the forums to answer your problem or question.

Let’s talk money. $7.95 a month for a premium VIP hack is a very good price. Or, bundle up and get BC2 and MOH for $12.00 a month. That’s a fantastic deal. There is also the option of recurring payments, if you don’t want your access to lapse. With your purchase you have access to VIP only forums, and extras like link sharing forums.

Ease of use. A lot has gone into making the Froobs supported games a breeze to use. Take the loader for example. Nice, clean interface that’s simple enough for anyone to use. The hack menu is one of the slickest interfaces in hacking. It’s rare to see a fantastic mouse driven GUI interface that’s sexy and easy to use. Kudos to the designer of that slick ****. Only drawback to ease of use is what I’ve mentioned before in the BC2 section of the review.

Detections. What detections? That’s to be expected, as the Froobs are pretty new to the scene. They had a public hack that got detected, but that was not made by the main coder. Seeing as how their free hack doesn’t have any basis on a VIP hack review, it’s inadmissible in this case. Besides, free hacks get detected all the time. It’s called leeching and out of their control.

I’m only going to deduct a point for the ease of use. That’s because of what I described having to do for the BC2 hack above. Bottom line is this, if you want a great hack, don’t want to pay allot of money, and want great customer service, join Game Froobs. I highly recommend them.

Final Score 4.5/5

Link to Hackreviews (http://hackreviews.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=14:game-froobs&catid=3:site-reviews)

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And that review was BEFORE the hack update with nospread added. He told us he would up the rating after we added nopsread but im kinda figurin that 5/5 might not look so good to the others. ROFL

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Dude, he already posted this on here http://gamefroobs.net/forums/annoucements-5/game.froobs.review-377/ as you can see....

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Yup, that was 4 months ago!!

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There's really no reason to have this thread, as it has already been posted.

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The .5 was taken off for having to manually configure certain options that were a pain in the butt. Bounding box colors and such. Still to this day there is no way to choose your colors without having to dick with the config file. And yes, this was posted over 4 months ago. I have seen a great rush of traffic going from hack reviews to game froobs. You guys really do deserve the highest ranking of any site we've seen YET. Also, just a little F.Y.I. I don't appreciate you ripping off our ranking image. Just as you would freak if we ripped something from this site or from one of your videos. It's fine, it's just a matter of principal.

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It was a new video team member he didnt know any different.Long time no see HR admin

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I will take care of that. I apologize for that. I personally do not need to take anyone's graphics.I just seen this post I will take care of it. This will not happen again. I take it personal when it comes to graphics. You should know this. I would never rip graphics no need to consider it done.


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edit:: bitches

nice review tho.. enjoined reading it again

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Just an FYI based on what I've learned from many years of experience: unless you have express permission from the author, articles (let alone images) shouldn't be copy & pasted like amerg did -- it is not polite, bad etiquette.

A link to the article is fine - but do not reproduce via C&P without permission. I'm surprised he only took offense at the image rip. ;)

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gamefroobs have best review so far on Hackreviews

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I'm surprised he only took offense at the image rip. ;)

The review itself was already posted here, the image was not.

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this has been resolved sorry it happened, this thread is being closed no further action is needed