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03-18-2017, 11:52 PM
Hey Everyone,

We have decided to start a new program. If you are a good video editor, continue reading. We have started a new program where stand out video makers can be rewarded by showcasing AimJunkies cheats! ***DOES NOT INCLUDE PRIVATE CHEATS***

What you need to do is promote the cheats in any game we support. Once you release the video it will be reviewed and you will get anywhere for 3-7 days added to your singular subscription.

If you hold more than one subscription, you need to make a note of which cheat you want the time added to. If you have a Overdose package, you can still submit, just remember it will only apply to singular subscriptions.

Non VIP's and Non Monthly Subs do not apply!

So how to participate you ask?

You need to know how to use editing software. Be it be Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effect, etc.
The video has to be somewhat decent. Meaning high quality at least 720P and showcasing the cheats well with no empty time.
Do not just upload gameplay without editing.
Video needs to be at least running in 30 FPS. Preferably 60 FPS.
The video needs to be at least over two minutes.
Needs to be uploaded to YouTube and public.
Video title must include AimJunkies in the title.
Must have a watermark. (Provided below.)
Must include an intro. (Provided below.)
If you do videos and continue to release high quality videos you have a chance to be rewarded AimJunkies OverDose!

Videos need to be posted here: https://forum.aimjunkies.com/f123/

Videos should be posted in the format: Game Name Promotion by AimJunkies.com

If you set the video to private, unlisted, or removed, AimJunkies reserves the right to remove any time you have have earned.
Once submitting a video. AimJunkies becomes the owner of any videos using any watermarks or intros.

Video Intro:

https://mega.nz/#!gNkWURKL!bvQloSdcd7jKDXMN6qLGX3y5AUcpRwY86DRslRI KOMI


https://mega.nz/#!hcVnGLxa!rbwS3iBpXnFLP34q8wBpeIrzANRSpmVPzaQVQXr dBsg

Please use the tags on your videos for the game you are covering from here: https://forum.aimjunkies.com/f123/video-tags-youtube-98534/