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Thread: I just wanted to buy the war thunder cheat

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    I just wanted to buy the war thunder cheat

    I applied to buy the war thunder cheat but I was denied, I can't understand but this is the site where cheating or public relations are purchased? I can't buy more cheats just to get consent if I only play this game. Can anyone explain to me why I can't buy it.
    I have been enrolled with you since 2016 and I have never created problems I do not understand why I am denied access to purchase the War Thunder rip-off You have a strange policy of evaluating your customers.
    Here you sell a product I purchase the product I need and I can not buy another product just to have a consensus
    I bought a cheat on Tom Clancy's The Division on 2 01 2017 where I was banned after just seven days of use and I never asked for compensation for the cheat bought I believe that just for this you could allow me to buy the product I wanted

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    Hello Carotmau,

    I can see that your having issues with accepting your denial so let me straighten things out & explain some things to you.

    You where denied for your application likely because you do not have a exstensive purchase history with us & i can also see that you purchased a cheat 3+ Year's ago. What you do from 2017 to now 2020 is entirely dependant on your life circumstances. And for all we know you could've been employed by the "Warthunder Company" to Infilitrate our Warthunder Trusted Program and crack it causing the cheat to go down for Updating. Which will in the end annoy all our current and future Warthunder Cheat Users. Our Current Buyers take precedence over potential buyers when it comes to Cheat Security.

    Secondly yes we are a Public Cheat Site. That just means majority of our Cheats are available to everyone not all our cheats that's why cheats are unavailable for purchase when they are Down or Updating & are Purchaseable under certain measures when they are Trusted or Closed Beta. This is more of a Common Sense section. And "cheating or public relations are purchased" Attempting to Bribe isn't accepted.

    My Initial Sentence Elaborate's on why you have to buy & use previous cheats before being accepted.

    Reason why you where denied was told to you by the admin. As for never creating problems that's a direct lie as you made this post when you where informed by the admin for why you where denied. Additionally the policy for how we evaluate our customers is working as intended. And you should be aware of this if you bothered reading the Description under the Trusted User Application Section in the forum that says "Apply for trusted cheats here. Approval is at the discretion of Administration.".

    You take a risk each and every time you cheat. Our cheat is undetected but how you play determines how long you last it doesn't determine if you should be given or provided a way to circumvent the application process. And let me just add on. I had to apply to be accepted in the Trusted Program along with other Staff.

    To Conclude the Post. Read what the Admin Said and do it. Or not up to you. And you have to build a more extensive purchase history, meaning use some cheats, and You need to consistently be active within the community as-well as having purchased cheats regularly.

    Your's Sincerely, Syrus
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