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Thread: Old man's questions

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    Old man's questions

    Good morning,

    I'm looking forward givnig a try to SCUM program. But it seems this website has changed alot since I've last been here.. Almost 10 years, time flies!

    So, uhm pardon me if some of my questions are dumb.

    If I subscribe now, will I be able to use SCUM program, or do I need to be [trusted] to access it?
    If I don't need, what kind of advantage would [trusted] status give me?
    If I do, well... I'm not interested in anything else as of now, and I've seen requirements need me to have been subscribed for at least 90 days recently, wich I don't. Does any workaround exist for an old customer returning?

    Looking forward hearing back from you.

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    Read the Trusted User Application Section.
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