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Thread: Purchasing with PayPal

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    Purchasing with PayPal

    Purchasing with Paypal

    Quick Links:

    Making your First Purchase

    Paying with an eCheck

    PayPal Recurring Payments - How to cancel a recurring payment

    PayPal Errors

    Chargeback Policy

    Making your First Purchase

    To make your first purchase, go to:

    Cheat Purchase

    Selecting the Package:
    On the page linked above, you can select any Subscription you want by finding it in the list and clicking "Order Now"
    If you have a coupon, enter it before selecting the cheat you want to purchase. Enter the coupon in the coupon box and hit "Apply."

    Purchasing for someone else? Enter their FORUM ACCOUNT name into the box.

    Select the amount of time you wish to purchase cheat for.
    You can choose to purchase a cheat one time OR you can choose to pay with a recurring subscription. Choose the "* RECURRING" option if you want to pay with an automatically recurring subscription, when available.

    Selecting Payment Method:
    Select the payment method you want to use.
    Terms of Service:
    Read over the Terms of Service and check the box below stating "I have read, and agree to abide by the Terms of Serivce."

    Once you have picked the cheat you want to purchase, hit "Purchase."
    You will be taken to Paypal.

    Log into your Paypal account or create a new Paypal account.

    Once you have logged in, choose your payment method and press "Continue." You will be returned to AimJunkies to confirm your payment.

    Once you have returned to AimJunkies, you will confirm your purchase.

    To complete your purchase, press the "Purchase" button.

    You will be brought to the order confirmation page.
    It can take anywhere from 1 minute to several hours for your subscription to be confirmed by Paypal. Once your subscription is confirmed, you will be able to download the loader.

    If your subscription takes longer than 24 hours to activate, please contact our support for more information.

    Congratulations! You have purchased your first cheat from AimJunkies!

    Paying with an eCheck

    If you do not have a credit card attached to your Paypal account and your account balance is not enough to pay for a cheat, you can use a eCheck.

    Paying with a eCheck is a slower method than paying with an account balance or credit card.

    It can take 3-5+ business days for an eCheck to clear, and your subscription will NOT activate until your eCheck payment clears.

    PayPal Recurring Payments - How to cancel a recurring payment

    If you purchased a cheat using a recurring payment, the amount for the cheat you purchased will be automatically deducted from your account until YOU cancel the recurring payment profile.

    Use the following links to edit or cancel your recurring payments (you must be logged into PayPal):

    PayPal Automatic Payments
    PayPal Preapproved Payments

    AimJunkies' preapproved payments will appear as one of the following: AIMJUNKIES, NETNOOBS, PHOENIX DIGITAL GROUP

    Paypal Errors

    With the Express Checkout system used by AimJunkies, you may run into an error when trying to purchase a cheat.

    Common Errors:

    Paypal EC Error 0x - 10486
    - This error occurs when the payment method you are attempting to use cannot be used. Please try using another payment method.

    Paypal EC Error 03 - If your purchase was not successful, please try again.
    - This error occurs when you try to submit your payment more than once or your session ends before the purchase is complete. Check your Paypal account to see if your purchase was successful. If it was not, try to purchase again.

    Chargeback Policy

    If a chargeback or dispute is filed by your account for any reason, we reserve the right to block your access to this website and ban any payment method that you have used. Accounts with a chargeback or dispute may be automatically banned or blocked from having access to our Services.

    A chargeback or dispute ban may be lifted by the site administration upon repayment of a reversed subscription and fees as decided by the site administration.

    If you have any questions, please contact our support for more information.
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