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Thread: TemTem Pre-sale question

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    TemTem Pre-sale question

    quick question on the temtem hack - the perfect SV encounter - how does that work? Like, will it take hours to find 1 temtem or is it any encounter i fight will have perfect SVs?

    On the features, it does not really claim how the perfect SV work. I realize you can obtain the SVs of the TemTem during the encounter, what I'm wondering is if your hack changes the SVs to all 50s so that ANY encounter will have 50 SV or is it you will walk around until you find a 50 SV temtem (Which may take a long time).

    Can you provide clarification on this?

    Edit: answered by @dingding via shoutbox - it takes time to find them. you can lock thread mods.
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    Customer happy that question is answered.

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