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Thread: Combat Arms Classic - Cheat Information [TRUSTED]

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    Combat Arms Classic - Cheat Information [TRUSTED]
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    Combat Arms Classic - Cheat Information [TRUSTED]

    Game Engine:
    - Lithtech
    Game Version:
    - Latest Version
    - Undetected

    Operating systems:


    US $49.95 - 1 Month
    US 24.95 - 1 Week


    -Bone Scan (Aims at visible bone)
    -Aim Key
    -Aim Bone (Head, Neck, Upper Body, Torso)
    -Smoothing (None, Regular, Semi-Legit, Legit)
    -FOV (15-180 degree slider)

    -Enemy Only
    -2D Box
    -3D Box

    -No Recoil
    -No Spread
    -Unlimited Activation Distance (Open doors/items from any distance)
    -No Sway
    -Instant Zoom
    -Rapid Fire
    -Rapid Fire speed slider

    -Invisible Mode
    -Ghost Mode
    -HP Hack
    -Unlock Full Kick List (Ability to kick opposite team players), (Also kick in modes that's not allowed like One Man Army)
    -Solo Match Start Permission (Start matches like Elimination or Capture the Flag by yourself, no bots)
    -Cosmetic Hack
    -Character Hack
    -Show Character & Cosmetic IDs
    -Speed Hack w/Slider

    -Choose hotkey for ghost mode, rapid fire, and telekill

    Anti Cheat:

    - BattlEye



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