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Thread: FIFA 21 Premium - Cheat Information

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    FIFA 21 Premium - Cheat Information
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    FIFA 21 Premium - Cheat Information

    Game Engine:
    - Frostbite
    Game Version:
    - Latest Version
    - Undetected

    Operating systems:


    US $44.95 - 1 Month


    General Tab

    Alt Tab Bypass
    Show Controller Battery
    Show Latency/Ping to Opponent
    Change Match Time to 45 min or 90 min
    Teleport Ball to home goal or away goal with hotkey

    Show ESP for Both Teams, My Team, or Opponent Team
    Player Name
    Overall Rating
    Is Player At Max Speed

    Career Mode and Pro Clubs Player Attributes Rating

    Disconnect Tab

    Disconnect Reason: Opponent Quit (Gives Win alone if used outside of FUT, like menu Seasons), End Match Early (Gives Scoreline), Opponent Squad File Mismatch, Both Gets a Loss and Kicked out of FUT (Yes it gives opponent loss as well)
    Auto Disconnect (Squad Screen or Kick Off)
    Keyboard Disconnect Hotkey
    Controller Disconnect Hotkey

    Ultimate Team Tab
    Custom Match End Result (Default, Win, Loss, Draw, Quit, Won't Count)
    Bypass 15 Match Hourly Limit (1. Disconnect Settings and Match End Result will be overridden 2. This will bypass the 15 matches per hour limit and will allow you to complete the 75 matches per day limit quickly. 3. It works great for farming in FUT Draft and works in ALL stages.

    Opponent Info:
    Show User ID
    Show Club Name
    Show Squad Rating
    Show Chemistry

    Notify if Pack has Player Walkout (So you don't have to wait for animation to complete to find out)

    FUT Rivals
    Spoof Division Number
    Spoof Skill Points Number (Allows you to find opponents in other divisions)

    Save and Load menu configuration

    Anti Cheat:




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