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Thread: FIFA 23 Premium - Cheat Information

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    FIFA 23 Premium - Cheat Information
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    FIFA 23 Premium - Cheat Information


    Game Engine:
    - Frostbite
    Game Version:
    - Latest Version
    Operating systems:


    - 1 month - $129.95


    General Tab

    - Alt Tab Bypass
    - Anti AFK
    - Show Controller Battery
    - Show Latency/Ping to Opponent
    - Auto Timed Finish (Green Shot for normal shots, penalty, and free kick)
    - Custom Match Time (45 min or 90 min)
    - Opponent Forfeit (5 Red Cards) (Offline Only)
    - Teleport Ball to home goal or away goal with hotkey
    - Freeze Ball

    - ESP
    - Player Name
    - Overall Rating
    - Is Player At Max Speed
    - Both Teams, Opponent Only/My Team Only

    Manual Matchmaking
    - Enable Manual Matchmaking Server
    - Find players in any EA server with a click of a button, you do not need a VPN or to reconnect
    - Choose between 15 EA Servers to search players for (or all 28 if you are in Europe).
    - Works in all FIFA Modes including Ultimate Team

    Disconnect Tab

    Disconnect Reason: Opponent Quit (Gives Win alone if used outside of FUT, like menu Seasons), End Match Early (Gives Scoreline), Opponent Squad File Mismatch, Both Gets a Loss and Kicked out of FUT (Yes it gives opponent loss as well)
    - Auto Disconnect at Kick-Off
    - Keyboard Disconnect Hotkey
    - Controller Disconnect Hotkey

    Ultimate Team Tab

    - Always Win (Enable before entering match)
    - Kick Opponent
    - Bypass Desync Disconnect
    - Custom Match End Result (Default, Loss, Draw, Quit, Won't Count)

    - Legendary AI vs Opponent
    - 99 Overall Rating (ONLY AGAINST CONSOLE) (STILL WORKS)
    - 5 Star Weak Foot
    - 5 Star Skill Moves
    - High Attack Rate
    - High Defense Rate
    - Apply All Traits

    - Notify if you are Home
    - Notify if Opponent is Console

    - Skip Pack Animation
    - Only Skip Non-Walkout Packs
    - Notify if pack has player walkout

    Opponent Info:
    - Show User ID
    - Show Club Name
    - Show Squad Rating
    - Show Chemistry
    - Hide Info-In Game

    - Notify if Pack has Player Walkout (So you don't have to wait for animation to complete to find out)

    FUT Rivals
    - Spoof Division Number (This will not change visually in FUT Hub, however it applies in the background when searching for an opponent)

    FUT Draft
    - Spoof Draft Round for Opponent Search (Risky)

    Save and Load menu configuration

    Anti Cheats


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