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Thread: any online admin? I need payment support

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    any online admin? I need payment support

    Hi Admin, i was trying do payment for paypal for cheat war thunder and at the end of the transaction I received an error, I already contacted my bank and they said that it was not they that canceled it.
    Are not you accepting payments via paypal?
    Status: Error ECC01 - Invalid payment amount (13113)
    There was an error with payment processing. If your PayPal account shows your payment cleared but you did not receive your subscription, contact our support with the error number listed.

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    any online admin? I need payment support Syrus's Avatar
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    Please remove and Re-Add your card in PayPal and that should fix the issue your receiving.
    Also if this doesn't work then i would suggest sending the funds in advance to your Paypal Account then attempting to Purchase.

    Additionally if your issue still persist consider contacting one of the AimJunkies Resellers: Resellers

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