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Thread: Battlefield 5 and FairFight

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    Cool Battlefield 5 and FairFight

    Hey AimJunkies Community!
    I am about to buy the Battlefield 5 Hack - but i am curious about the last detection date from your Battlefield Hack
    - no matter if its Battlefield 1 or Battlefield 4 or even the new Battlefield 5.
    Does anyone know how FairFight works and banns people? Is it truly just StatBased?


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    Fairfight is a server-sided anti cheat. This means that cheats do not get detected by FairFight, its the users gameplay. This anticheat records all your moves, loot sessions, kills, EVERYTHING YOU DO. Most of us, specially using esp tend to walk straight to the good loot and follow those players that we can not actually legitimately see and hide behind walls and such. The point is that Fairfight is now getting quite effective even much so that playing with esp gets even harder than playing legit sometimes. I am hoping this simple guide explaining a few points of what not to do will help avoid some of the bans some of us are receiving.

    You can read more here: How FairFight works and how will destroy a game!!! — Battlefield Forums

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    Battlefield 5 and FairFight
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    FairFight is based on your stats like k/d and hs% so be careful with that because if you get your k/d ratio somewhere around 10.00 you will probably be suspended.

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    i was buy an second origin acc plus BF V, i start the game, load the cheat, and i go to play a round of grand operation, i joined the server short time before day 1 was over, i only kill 2 enemys not very obviously, and then after the loadingscreen for day 2, bamm! fairfight suspend for one week.... they banned me after about 1 minute of playing with the hack....

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    Battlefield 5 and FairFight
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    Most mistakes are being made with the aimbot. Most people are using it wat to obvious adn gets banned for it.
    You have to know how to use it so you avoid being banned. Please be aware of that.

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    Any tips with the aim-bot, or know someone who is experimenting with it? I saw a video with a BF 5 hack, the aim-bot and wall-hack would only work if someone was in your fov, so once you could see the enemy player, then it would show the box around them and allow you to use aim bot, it looked pretty effective, I would love to see this with AimJunkies BF 5 hack.

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    i did not use the aimbot.... just the wallhack like 3d box, name, health and snapline

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gambler4erver View Post
    i did not use the aimbot.... just the wallhack like 3d box, name, health and snapline
    Did you follow anyone through walls or made moves that you normally wouldn't have?

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    screenshots are clean yes

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