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Thread: BF4 Cheat from a Third Seller not acitvated

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    BF4 Cheat from a Third Seller not acitvated

    Hello guys,

    Simple case:
    Just bought BF4 AJ Hack on a Third site and completed payment.
    I was send here and now nothing happend

    Thank you for using the services of our site! To complete the activation, we need you to login from the forum:
    Register, confirm your account in the mail. And send username in a special field, after payment.
    We transfer your account to developers, they, in turn, complete the activation, product activation depends only on them and on whether they are online.
    Also, after activation, we will send you a direct link to the instructions in the mail, where you can download the launcher.
    After downloading the launcher, you log in to it under your login and password from the forum where we asked you to register at the very beginning.

    Download Loader cheat:"

    Pls help

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    BF4 Cheat from a Third Seller not acitvated SSJason's Avatar
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    Contact your reseller.


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