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Thread: First game you ever cheated in; what did it feel like?

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    First game you ever cheated in; what did it feel like?
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    My first online cheating experience is probably CSGO, used some free injector for ESP and played couple of months, it was fun and I learned a lot how players move and where they go.

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    I play CSGO for more than 1000hrs and ofc it was my first game to use cheats)) I have to admit that I have cheated in online games before, when I worked as online games booster but it was a long time ago back when I was just an edgy teenage boy. Right now I'm only interested in the competitive spirit.
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    First game you ever cheated in; what did it feel like?
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    First I remember is America's Army. My buddy made a cheat that finished the basic training and special forces training instantly, you just put in your username and password and click "train" and the training was done. Sold over $3,000 worth of accounts on eBay which was huge for my broke ass back then. Then he made a speedhack so we could rush to the bridge to set up the ambush before anyone got there. Didn't even really need the aimbot cuz we had esp as well and since it was made by him and shared only with our group, and we were careful not to be actually seen zipping all over the map with the speedhack we never got busted for it.

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    First game you ever cheated in; what did it feel like? zearlesss's Avatar
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    For me, it was COD WAW zombies multiplayer. It was the only way you could get mods online easily on the console. Had to use horizon and a modded game save with a USB. As for how it made me feel, guess the best way to put it was I was ecstatic. There's really no other way to feel when you use your first mods / hacks, especially when you're young and impressionable. Eventually I learned how to hotswap and got ISO mods for GTA4. That's how I got into cheating.
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    First time was in Combat Arms around 2012. I was ~10 years old, felt powerful like a god and obviously I enjoyed it.
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    counter strike 1.3, was my first experience hacking. First program I used was from OGC, was not reliable and they always included some type of virus to try to steal your info. Was pretty much trying different programs until I found aimjunkies. I think it was 2014 and I have been with them ever since, they are 100% reliable!!!!

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    First game you ever cheated in; what did it feel like? akaztrott's Avatar
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    Do you still play CA? I do. Would you like to play together?

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    Do you still play CA?

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