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Thread: Help me adm, payment error

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    Question Help me adm, payment error

    This and my second post on this subject, sorry for this but I want to solve this situation

    I'm trying to make a paypal payment, but I'm having an error in completing the order, I called my bank "nubank" and everything is ok, I called paypal and are all ok and he also informed me to check with the seller (aimjunkies) if he accepts payments coming from BRAZIL whose and my country of origin, they are saying that the aimjunkes is not accepting payment, so I ask you
    Do you accept payments coming from brazil's from international credit card nubank mastercard?

    Subscription Confirmation Details
    Status: Error ECC01 - Invalid payment amount (13113)
    There was an error with payment processing. If your PayPal account shows your payment cleared but you did not receive your subscription, contact our support with the error number listed.

    PS: I removed and put the credit card again on the site of paypal but it did not solve, and from what I saw in the forum there are many people who had this problem.
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    Help me adm, payment error
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    Please send a message to this BR reseller

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