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Thread: New Easy Anti Cheat Ban player for life...

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    Exclamation New Easy Anti Cheat Ban player for life...

    Since the game "Rust" added on their anti cheat that when he ban it all ban is to say if EAC of rust you ban you are banned for life I scripted on the game I was banned

    I reformatted and re creating an account I was banned .. I reformed, change ip, change HWID, change MAC address, change serial number of my hard drive,

    change the bios, change the GUID of the machine to re create an account and I got banned while I was doing nothing I play legitimately and no account steam was affiliated, so

    the only theory is that in addition to ban all hard drives he ban in addition the GPU and the motherboard and CPU why not......

    I spent $ 100 to re play the game if you cheat in games you can never play again

    ((Sorry bad English))

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    They HWID ban yes. We don't support Rust here though.


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