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    I understand forums like these have a lot of new and old cheaters. To the old ones, I'm opening this thread to share some knowledge and experience that has come to you over your time cheating in online games. However, my main purpose is to create a thread where I can share some tips with people who may be looking at AimJunkies for their first cheats. But, without further ado, I'll get to it.

    1. EVERY GAME IS DIFFERENT: Seems simple enough, but it's always important to remember. Even games that use the same anticheat (example: BattleEye) have different versions of that anticheat. Always remember that there is 100% a chance of a ban because of manual review, though it may be a lower risk to cheat in a game like GTAV than a game with a scrutinizing anticheat like Valorant.

    2. KNOW YOUR SOURCE: Getting to know the site that you purchase from is incredibly important. Often times, there are lots of questions involved in the process that you may not have thought of. AimJunkies has a good support team so that shouldn't be a huge issue, but keep that in mind if you ever buy off large forums from resellers.

    3. LOOK AROUND: Before you buy, look around for more providers. AimJunkies has some of the best price points for the games they provide, bar none. However if you're looking to cheat in a game that isn't provided by AimJunkies, always look for alternatives and better prices. Often times resellers will make a quick profit off of you by charging even just 10 dollars more for a service.

    4. ALWAYS EXPECT A BAN: As stated, manual review is a fairly common thing in popular and current titles. Small games can have just as dedicated devs as large games, so there's no way to be 100% certain that you won't get banned. This also means that NO, IT IS NOT THE CHEATS FAULT IF YOU GET BANNED. The cheat can fool the anticheat robot, but it cannot fool an actual human.

    5. RAGEHACKING: Ragehacking is the practice of cranking your **** up to an 11 when cheating. This phrase is fairly common and has been coined by many communities. It can be fun, and in some games it can go on for months before you see reprimanding. But, it is a death sentence when it comes to a manual review. It racks up reports MUCH faster, and therefore you are placed much higher on the manual review list.

    6. HIGH TEIR CHEATING: Games with ranking systems like Rainbow Six Siege and CS:GO have entire communities based on being the best you can. Because of this a few things happen. First, higher tier players recognize cheaters much more easily no matter how silent you try and be with your cheats. Secondly, word travels fast. You might end up getting mass reported by a whole clan. Finally, content creators. I love youtubers, but for cheaters it can be a big NO NO. Be able to recognize popular creators IF POSSIBLE in your game. Obviously with BRs like Warzone, you don't have much of a way of seeing this. But if you do see one, it is much more worth it to lose a game than it is to get banned after someone has hard recorded evidence of you cheating.

    7. THESE ARE ALL SUGGESTIONS: Like I said, these are just tips. You can play with your cheats however you want, it's your money and your life. Just make sure you have fun with them. These tips should hopefully provide you with some guidance on how to keep cheating for longer, but that may not be your goal. Have fun, that's what cheats are for!

    8. FOR GODS SAKE PLEASE DONT CALL THEM "HACKS" YOU ARENT HACKING ANYTHING (and yes I wish it was called Ragecheating and not Ragehacking)

    (PS: Feel free to add more in the replies)

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    Thanks so much for the interesting tips!

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    A good tip is to make sure you're just having fun playing. The main thing is to know how much money to spend on these things!

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    Hey fellas, let me throw something out there. Grabbing old threads years old is not going to speed up your trusted process until you actually use our software. Years old will not qualify.

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