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    Trusted Users

    Hello i was waiting for the NW cheat to buy it and ofc i cant do it bcs of the rules and im the member since there was very few cheats on this site how is that any good for users like me... well i dont post but i do like the quality of cheats in here i did have only possitive experience in here then why i have to buy other cheats i dont want to if there is few games i play and 2 of them are for trusted users =/ how does it make me tursted if i play 3 months csgo on ur sub and efven then i can be rejected that is really sad since most of other services out there are garbage....
    Guide me how can i make it trusted isntead of waiting 3months

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    No other way sorry

    To be considered for trusted you need to have multiple months of recent cheat usage, and your account must be in good standing. (IE: no disputes, disruptive, etc.) If you feel you meet these first requirements you can apply here:
    TeamSpeak Send Private Message Hardware ID Reset Open Live Support Purchase Hardware ID Tokens AimJunkies Facebook AimJunkies Twitter AimJunkies YouTube Loader Download Image Map

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