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Thread: Video Contest!

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    Cool Video Contest!

    Hello fellow cheaters! I see that there hasn't been any contests posted lately, and that disappoints me! I want to change that and hopefully put other people in the mood to making their own contests, because who doesn't like to win stuff? Oh, but what stuff could I possibly be talking about? Subscriptions of course! That's right, the prize for this contest will be a single subscription of the winner's choice! And it's fairly simple to win! All you have to do is make the best video with your cheats. The video can be on any game you choose!

    The video MUST contain:

    1. An intro.
    2. Stating who your favorite mod, admin, coder, etc is.
    3. Stating what you think might help the site grow!
    4. Audio of you actually talking, not text on the screen! That applies to #2 and #3!
    5. Video of gameplay with your cheats. Make it interesting if you want to win!
    6. Bonus brownie points for capturing people whining and crying about you winning in the game! CS:GO is a prime example!
    7. And what would a good video be without an outro?

    If your video does NOT contain all of the things listed, it will not be valid in the contest! The contest will end on February 10th. Happy cheating! And one more thing! Your video must be posted on YouTube! If anyone is caught copying other's videos or anything like that, they will be banned from all contests hosted by me!

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    so you want to say, that you want to make a video with me together while holding your rules, making a video example how to do it the right way? of course ! just pm me i would love to make an example video with ysou together. and giving out some prices like vip.
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    Video Contest!
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    I am looking forward to this

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    Video Contest!
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    And drum roll please the video you have all been waiting for jk lol

    Good luck to everyone else

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