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Thread: We need the Black Squad hack URGENTLY!!

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    Exclamation We need the Black Squad hack URGENTLY!!

    Hello dear AimJunkies developers/hackers,

    We need the Black Squad hack urgently!!

    A few months ago, the common hacks were just wallhack, no-recoil and spread. But now, this increasingly common and frequent players using aimbot, wallhack, one hit kill, triggerbot, health hack/extra health, shots that go through solid constructions, speedhack, glitchers and etc. In every game there is at least one player with hack.

    The Black Squad is currently impossible to play legitimately.

    We need you to work to put online and launch again the hack of the black squad, which is many months with the status of "updating", and without any news.

    I know that it takes work to make the BattleEye bypass, but if it was impossible there wouldn't be so many hacks in the game and without problems. After the last updates of the game, it seems that the BattleEye sleeping because it does not display any messages of banishment by use of hack. This is rare.

    I hope the feedback and understanding of AimJunkies team!!

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    We need the Black Squad hack URGENTLY!!
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    There is currently no ETA for Black Squad

    Best Regards Flaps4

    Cheat Good, Cheat Safe!

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