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Thread: Aloha nerds

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    Aloha nerds

    What's uppp?? New to the community here, but not the scene. It's been a while since I've been playing with hacks, I'm talking way back when I was a teen playing CS 1.6 Warcraft 3 Mod days. Anyways, went legit for a while after I started making more friends to play with. Fast forward 3 recessions later (XD), I pretty much game alone now. All my friends all have families or moved on to bigger and better things in life.

    So my main game right now is Destiny 2. I started to get frustrated with being unable to keep up in the crucible. After seeing Righty's interview, I became intrigued. I did a little more research and decided to take the plunge. Although it's only been a short while, what an eye opening experience. First, my love for the game has rejuvenated. It was like a rebirth. Second, my god, I never knew how many of us are out there. It became so painfully obvious once you know what to look for lol.

    Anyways, now I'm enjoying Destiny, CSGO, and Battlefield with my newfound toy. Hope to be part of the gang and hopefully play with some of you guys soon. I just downloaded teamspeak if anyone wanted to shoot the ****

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    Welcome to AJs! Glad you've joined our community and hope you're enjoying the cheats! Thanks for choosing AimJunkies!
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