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Thread: Hey, LysonPrinz here

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    Post Hey, LysonPrinz here

    Hello there, my name is LysonPrinz i'm 19y old and from Switzerland Zurich.

    Ive been lurking around on AJ for a quite long time now. The reason why i cheat is simple, getting a faster process ingame due not having the time to grind or just to have fun, it really dosent matter lmao ive been cheating on Videogames for many years now to be exactly i was 13 when i tryed my first Cheat.

    If someone is kinda new to all this, this wont affect you at all but i can tell you one for sure since the Cheating market has changed to sell Cheats or even Private Cheats (not bad at all) to stay Undetected for a long term it has been a taff time for Cheaters to get a safe place. Luckly I'm a Invited Member of PA and spent most of my time Cheating in games without any fear, so i can recommend yall to stay in Communitys you really like and love to spent time on it, so do I.

    Why im here?
    well as mentioned ive been cheating and took place in diffrent Communitys for a long time now and I dont wanna make any bad blood. Im just a Gamer that loves to Cheat in games he likes. Diffrent Provider diffrent cheats, it's simple . I got back on few games i used to play when i was younger or completly new Games such as Temtem. What else im looking for is a place to remain save while using Cheats for games like that and as well for Cheats in games like Dauntless and The Divison 2 and im quite sure AJ is the best option for this. Im well aware of the Application programm for Trusted Members and thats what im working for :P

    Kind Regards
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