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Thread: howdy everyone

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    howdy everyone
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    Oct 2018

    howdy everyone

    howdy guys and gals nice to meet yall. so i have found my way over to all you lovely people through bf4 and i decided for now just to test out the bf4 to see how i feel and then if its right., il go for the dollar dollar bills package and get everything.

    just figured id say hi to you all since theres a chance i may be around for another few years untill i die of being banned from everygame or smoking to much weed.

    if any of you wanna come ruin the floor with me on bf4 just drop me a message or post on here

    pleasure to meet you all and happy legit player trashin

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    Welcome to AimJunkies!
    Enjoy your stay,sir!Glad to hear you have chosen us!

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    howdy everyone
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    Jun 2016
    Pleasure to meet you as well. Welcome to AimJunkies! Hope you are enjoying our cheats.
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