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Thread: Ol' Gamer Finds New Home (Again)

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    Apr 2020

    Ol' Gamer Finds New Home (Again)

    I'm Rob. Glad to return to gaming after a few (much needed) years of not gaming and instead focusing on my job and relationship. (Too much info huh? ) I'm based in Australia, I love my dog, my girl and I never grew out of gaming, despite being half Yoda's age... I'm currently working front line against this Covid enemy and I use gaming to remove myself from reality.

    I've just completed a trial - thank you. GRAB IT if you haven;t already: ALL GAME CLIENT CONTENT for 24 hours cheap as chips! AimJunkies - 60+ Premium Cheats 24 Hour Trial - Try Now!

    My gaming world comprises of mainly FPS but also RPG. I bought a PS4 in the hope it would get my butt out from behind a PC, but here I am again. It just wasn't the same...anyone relate?

    I've run gaming servers and eventually left it to the pro's to do what I wasn't great at.

    I want to share some gaming tips / personal advice from my personal experience:

    1) Sometimes, it's good to Alt f4 and walk away. The game will still be there tomorrow!

    2) There are plenty of keyboard warriors out there who will always disagree with you, no matter how good you do or don't do. Many are unconsciously attempting to heal past dysfunctional memories of not being listened to, so they just disagree with everything, or they join highly moral socially idealistic minority groups.

    3) Don't rush towards end game, enjoy the EXP instead. If you find yourself oddly dissatisfied with new games and just buying new ones over and over again, you're probably chasing what I term "The Gaming Unicorn" It's a common thing in our gaming-world. It's an exaggerated memory of your first gaming HIGH which you can't ever get again. Why? Because you're only entitled to one gaming FIRST high. Everything coming after that isn't first anymore But don't give up because there's good news: Know that each subsequent new gaming moment is a first of its kind so enjoy it as much as you wish you enjoyed and VALUED your first gaming high all those years or months ago. AKA Learn from the past.

    4) On number three above, remember there's people using clients out there who simply spin and do crazy blatant stuff. Don't be tempted to beat them by emulating their game style of RAGING because the obvious ban will likely ensue. You win some and you lose some.

    5) Addiction to anything usually feels like "I don't really want to be doing this but I feel I have to and I just can't relax with out doing 'it'" Gaming is the same. You know that mundane feeling after you walk away from the gaming stimuli? Well, your brain doesn't know the difference between what it sees on a screen and what you experience. So when you're running around away from zombies in SOD, being chased by martial in RDR or defusing the bomb without a kit (NKNC) in CS-GO, your body changes based on what your brain is perceiving. Heart rate etc...When you walk away from that world, life feels bland which is why we return to the games...that's where our addiction can start. So, moderation ftw!

    6) Everything in moderation. This universe has one underlying order pursuing balance. Anything or anyone outside of that gentle line will likely receive 'perturbation' or pressure. You won't have a heart attack the first sing of being a little overweight, for example. But leave it until you're 60+ years old and the several warnings you received to balance out your lifestyle will smash you suddenly if left unheeded. Consider this to be true in relation to how you see the world outside of you. Are all Minecraft players really kids? Nope. Are all CS-GO players probably botting in some way?..... Don't answer that

    7) Humans adapt easily to any given environment, including being sedentary and thinking sitting down for 16 hours is OK. Be self aware.
    8) Don't take any game or anything too seriously...there'll always be someone better and someone worse than you.

    9) Lose any entitlement you may feel. Life is easier with gratitude. Replace expectation with cautious, positive optimism.

    10) All of the above are from my experience only. You will have your own bucket of wealth to draw from. Plus, most things from 100 years ago are laughed at...this list will join that list in 100 years or less.

    Bonus: Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing real. Yes, it will save you on the edge of a building without a repelling rope, but usually it's your brain looking to keep you safe for no realistic reason. So, feel the fear and do it anyway. Remember that, much like Aim Junkies Staff, successful people are successful because they're wiling to do the things the unsuccessful people aren't willing to do.
    Say Hi! Ask me questions. I'm old, fat, slow and need clients like this. So thank you for being here, so an old fart gamer can still have a win sometimes.

    Noxeroonie / Blingoestoparis / Rob

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    Ol' Gamer Finds New Home (Again) MULISHA's Avatar
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    born in *74 Welcome and enjoy! loved the introduction dude.
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    Ol' Gamer Finds New Home (Again) Gunrunner's Avatar
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    Welcome to AJs! Fantastic intro!
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    Hey great to see another baby boomer around here!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Cheers Gun. Have fun. See you in game sometime!

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