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Thread: Trusted User status

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    Trusted User status

    I use to be a VIP member starting in 2013 to 2015. I quit playing those games so I no longer need Aimjunkies services. I recently made a new account because I couldn't remember my user name and password to my original account. After I made the new account, I applied for access to the game War Thunder and was denied because "New account" and I needed to be a trusted user. So after recovering all my information to my old account and applying once again, I was denied again for " No recent purchase history." I sent personal messages but never received an adequate explanation as to why I was not a trusted user. Do they think that now I am some spy trying to hack their company? I didn't no where to post this topic, so I'm sorry if it is in the wrong area.

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    And you were denied for no recent purchase history as the reply stated to you sir.


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