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Thread: Arma reforge hack feedback after 1 week of usage

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    Arma reforge hack feedback after 1 week of usage

    Hi. I would like to provide feedback after 1 week of usage.

    1) Vehicles ESP doesn't work. Crashing game.
    2) Colors - The current target gets highlighted as green by default. It is good with enemies, but not with friendly, otherwise easy to team-kill.
    Please update this functionality to be like: Only enemies' colors change once it is close to your crosshair.
    3) Radar size, it is a small square almost invisible, and it is almost not possible to navigate, need to rework it. I play 4k maybe this is the case.
    4) The Save button works somewhat strangely, when I update my hack configuration it doesn't save any settings for me. (it does initially save, but can't override existing settings)
    5) Need to create one more option: Bind-toggle button that has the next functionality - If you click this button, then all the hack gets silent until you press it again.
    6) ESP needs to improve colors with one more status: If the enemy is visible directly then add a color for it, if the enemy is behind the wall or bush and can't be seen then another color.

    If you fix this and implement that advice I can provide you with some more great ideas.

    What I liked:
    1) It mostly works! Thank you for this!
    2) ESP is good and well done, needs to improve with functionality but it works!
    3) Anti recoil/sway is good!
    The menu and loader are well done and easy to start.

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    Thank you for your review. You should however make use of the appropriate forums to post feature requests or bugs in the game. You can post that here: Wishlist/Buglist/To-do

    Posting it is the correct sections will ensure that its seen by the people, like the coder, who can make changes.

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