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Thread: Maybe, A just a tease... Updates to cheat progress?

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    Maybe, A just a tease... Updates to cheat progress?

    This is most likely going to get the "There is no ETA, SIR." /Closed treatment that I see most the time when it comes to anything related to anything on the forums but here my shot at it because waiting for 2 months with little to no information on something after paying for it is frustrating. Whether you agree or not with me I don't mind, but I feel that an update or progress on something would be amazing. Super rough progress updates on how the cheat is going.

    I think this would make AJ stand out from other providers just do the same thing. Just small updates as "Cheat running, Testing anti-cheat safety" or something along those lines. It doesn't even need to be true or accurate at all. Just something to show that the coders are making progress. But for sure don't share any infomation that could breach the satey for the cheat.

    I do see why AJ doesn't share any information as it makes it much easier to just delay things or ensure things are working 100%. As you don't have to worry about or being pressured by the community demanding what's going on. (Altho I'm sure those chargebacks get annoying.) But, Just a idea I'm sure that 100 other people have asked for and gets shut down for the same reason.

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    Maybe, A just a tease... Updates to cheat progress? SSJason's Avatar
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    I have shared multiple times what is going on. The cheat is being rewritten from the ground up for BattlEye. So please don't say nothing is ever said because you don't see it.


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