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Thread: New World - ESP only feature

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    New World - ESP only feature

    I know you all are working on a New World program but there is only one feature I'm looking for and that is ESP. Is this something that can be achieved?

    Game Name: New World
    Official Website: New World
    Game Engine: Amazon Lumberyard
    Game Genre: massively multiplayer online role-playing
    Anti-Cheat: Easy Anti-Cheat
    Online Statistics: over 13 million players and 1.3 million daily players
    Video: New World - Official Trailer - YouTube

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    New World in the making, will be for trusted users only. On top of that, I do believe it will have ESP.
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    Yes I'm aware that a New World program is in the making and for trusted but I can't apply until said time of release... ..but thank you.

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