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Thread: Rust wanted badly!

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    Rust wanted badly!
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    Rust wanted badly!

    Most of the very good rust aimbots are invite only. If you dedicated some time on a new rust aimbot/esp. I would buy 6 months at a time from you guys. I know two invite only websites and they are basically impossible to get into. Other than that, the only other rust hacks across the world wide web are riddled with scammers.

    There is a huge demand for an easy access, legit rust hack provider. I've used your stuff in the past and I loved it(star wars and bf4).

    Why prevent yourself from making good money? This site is really the only good provider I've ever bought hacks from. I've bought elsewhere, which the quality of the hack was ****. This is the only good place I shop anymore.

    Please reconsider adding it back into your cheat selection.

    Game Name: Rust

    Official Website:
    Rust on Steam
    Home - Rust

    Game Engine: Unity3D

    Game Genre: Survival-Builder

    Anti-Cheat: Custom-VAC

    Online Statistics: Rust - Steam Charts

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    Hello, this has been suggested already.

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