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Thread: Town of Us Among Us

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    Town of Us Among Us

    Game Name: Among Us Town of Us Mod
    Official Website:
    GitHub - polusgg/Town-Of-Us: An Among Us mod containing a bunch of roles on Steam

    Game Engine: Unity3D
    Game Genre: Social Deception
    Anti-Cheat: Custom
    Online Statistics:
    Video: Town of Us Mod Tutorial - All Roles Explained (with Download) - YouTube

    Example of features:
    Allow all roles to be visible to you when alive instead of only dead

    A Radar in the shape of the Map and shows colors of all players

    Complete Selected Task, Display Task list and Allow selection and completion when ever you want

    Role Specific Cheat Features:
    Mayor: Unlimited Mayor Votes
    Engineer: Unlimited Sabotage Fixes
    The Glitch: No Cooldown Mimic and No Cooldown Hack Ability
    Morphling: No cooldown Transformation and Unlimited Transformations
    Swooper: No Invisibility Cooldown or Unlimited Invisibility
    Seer: No Cooldown Seer Ability
    Arsonist: No cooldown Dowsing
    Miner: No Cooldown Vent Placement
    Camouflager: No cooldown Camo
    Janitor: No Cooldown Clean Body Ability
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