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    Red face Trusted user

    Hey lovely AimJunkies!
    Recently i asked about getting a trusted user application
    Sadly i got denied, for not using many cheats
    I been using AimJunkies for a year now not only on this account
    Iíhve used many cheats and been active on your youtube videos and made many videos for sponsoring
    This website and the products
    I can purchase some hacks to get the trusted ! After i get any response! Tyvm guys for the hard work
    And sry for my bad eng

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    Trusted user CptPat's Avatar
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    Dec 2014
    You have to build a more extensive purchase history, meaning use some cheats.

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    Trusted user Syrus's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
    Wuhan, China
    You need to consistently be active within the community as-well as having purchased cheats regularly.
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    Aight tyvm guys ! All love

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    Answered. Closed.

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