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Thread: Trusted User Wait Period

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    Trusted User Wait Period

    I don't understand why there is such a long wait period in order to purchase a game hack subscription. It just makes a customer go look somewhere else. Also, with the pandemic still occurring, this wait period should be temporarily lifted. People are stuck at home with nothing entertaining to do. I applied for the PVZ battle for neighborville hack and was told i have to wait a whole "couple months" in order to be considered for the purchase. It would be nice to try out the game with these hacks before my little summer break is up and i have to go back and live under a rock for the next two semesters of healthcare school. Unfortunately, i dont make the rules. Just baffledd by the wait period, especially at a time like this. Hurts the business. Thats all, rant over with.

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    Muaz1995 You made your account on 05-10-2020 and you have purchased at-least one cheat in the past 2-Weeks of your account being active.

    Just because there is a pandemic occuring doesn't mean security measures for our site & customers will be relaxed or even disabled.

    Yup the Admin is correct your account is too young you only have recent purchase history and no purchasing the overdose preimum for a year doesn't mean anything until a few months has passed of you using the cheat ect. As for Admin not responding after they've replied to you that's because you where already provided with the information you needed. And i recommend not spamming Admins as they have alot of Applications that they have to do, spamming is one way to add yourself to a "denied forever list" in theory.

    Below i've stated some Conditions that are Looked at But They Are Dependant on Admins Decisions/Discretion For You to Be Eligible. Some Steps Or Requirements May Be Missing.
    Have Previous Purchase History With Us = 5-10 Cheats Over Several Month's (Admin Discretion)
    Have A Account With High Activity Within The Community = Posting Alot & Chatting & Helping Others (Admin Discretion)

    As for being a paying customer we welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay here using our cheats but we will not compromise our trusted system for users that are brand new or inactive as we need to protect our current users.

    Also this can serve as the reason to why your so baffled about the wait period. If your stil going to complain about the wait period after this message then i can only say that your acting selfishly for your own gain instead of looking at the bigger picture.

    Your's Sincerely, Syrus
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