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Thread: Warframe hack improvement

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    Warframe hack improvement

    They told me AJ is well-known hack provider,but this warframe really need a buff up.Most data running on local sever(own computer or another user),and this game have some sets(weapon or something else) act like cheats,it means people don't need to but this Aj cheat and have same function.And ur aimbot always shacking when aiming even there only one target,and if i only select target at npc's ,this cheats always target at my mates or their pets))or my pets. And if u want to make it like a cheat in this game ,we need damage buff(1x-3x don't need too much),and wall hax( we can use in solo mode for safe ),movement speed buff,or magic ammo(1 shoot mutiply hit).
    Please comsider about my advice,or ur cheats even can't compare to normal old player)))))))))))) sometimes.
    Be like Aj, fix aiming shacking bug first ,like a real famous cheats provider. Game still hard in PVE (solo ,data only run on my computer),how this possible for AJ.

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    post this here instead
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