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Thread: AJ Forum Rules

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    AJ Forum Rules
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    AJ Forum Rules


    Forum Rules

    Avatar and Signature Rules

    Shoutbox Rules

    Chargeback Policy

    Forum Rules

    1. Do not spam

    - Avoid posting or replying to threads with content unrelated to the thread or area of posting.
    - This includes bumping threads in order for a thread to receive more attention.
    - Do not bump old threads unless you have a relevant response for the thread.

    2. Do not use inappropriate / offensive language

    - We try to keep a friendly environment. Therefore, very vulgar language is not allowed.
    - Try and be nice to everyone. Any language used with the purpose to offend someone will be removed.

    3. Be respectful to other visitors, VIPs and staff

    - We try to be respectful to everyone here. We appreciate it when everyone does the same!
    - The staff here work very hard. Please be respectul and patient.

    4. Do not advertise. Limit external link posting

    - Advertisements and links to other cheat sites are absolutely not permitted.
    - External links can be posted if there is a relevant reason for posting them. Any spam or advertisement will be removed.

    5. Do not post downloadable files

    - Posting or linking to downloadable files (executable files, viruses) is not permitted. Doing so can result in a permanent ban. If you have a file that you feel would be helpful to the community, contact a super moderator to get approval to post it.

    6. You are responsible for everything you do and post

    - You are responsible for your account and everything that happens on it. Do not give anyone else access to your account.

    7. No panhandling.

    - You are not allowed to ask for another user to purchase a subscription, or otherwise, for you on this website.

    8. Buying, selling and trading is not to be advertised.

    - Threads and messages offering to buy, sell or trade anything are not allowed.

    Avatar and Signature Rules

    - Any signature or avatar that contains content deemed offensive or inappropriate by a staff member will be removed without warning. Examples include racism, nudity or a signature that is too large in size or is distracting.

    - Use common sense when picking a signature size. Anything over 400px in height will be automatically hidden. Any signature that breaks the forum margins will be removed.

    Shoutbox Rules

    - The shoutbox is for general chatting. The shoutbox is NOT for support.
    - All Forum Rules apply to the shoutbox.
    - English only in the shoutbox.
    - Violation of the Shoutbox Rules can result in being silenced or banned from the shoutbox.
    - Text colors are restricted to staff members only. Use of any non-white or non-default color can result in an automatic color reset and/or a warning.

    Chargeback Policy

    - Fraudulently filing a chargeback, claim or dispute on a purchase is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban for doing so.
    - Any further purchases will also be automatically banned and blocked.
    - A purchase ban can be appealed by contacting a site administrator. Any fees incurred by AimJunkies will have to be repaid in full before the ban will be lifted.
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