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Thread: Windows 11 Now Supported for Some Cheats

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    Windows 11 Now Supported for Some Cheats
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    Windows 11 Now Supported for Some Cheats

    The only cheats that will not work on 11 and you need to remain on 10 for at this time are

    Battlefield 1
    Battlefield V
    Friday the 13th
    World War 3
    War Thunder
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    As you mentioned above that some of your cheats are supported with Win11, except the ones mentioned above.
    could you please let me know if the cheat of Age of Empires 2 DE is supported in Win11?
    as I'm getting error "please ensure that the target process is 32 bit" Error Code. 87

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    Go in your loader folder and change the cfg open it up scroll down to target and change it to this Target=C:\Windows\SysWOW64\notepad.exe

    then save should open no problem
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