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Thread: A New Era Of Cheating

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    A New Era Of Cheating
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    A New Era Of Cheating

    A New Era Of Cheating

    I remember the days when you would just load your cheat and head into your game of choice and start to bring terror to all that were in the server, and how we would love to hear them all yell at us for for killing everyone (the lol u mad bro era). The server would slowly empty out because players were so mad at the hacker/ cheater, and eventually an admin may come in and ban you, or you decided to move on to another server and spread some more havoc to all. This could go on and on sometimes for days , weeks or even months before a ban came that locked you out from playing the game. But because keys were so much cheaper then, you would buy another and you were back at it again in no time with a fresh name bringing terror once again to all.

    Well I am here to tell you that from 2017 onwards we are entering a new era of cheating/hacking. The raging is over!! It was fun while it lasted, but now we have to adapt to the new era of game play. We now face all the updated anti-cheats plus new ones such as punkbuster, vac3, xigncode, Fairfight, Secure Hack Streaming System, nProtect Gameguard, BattleEye, and any new ones that will come our way in the future and i'm sure they will come.

    Everyone wants to blame the cheat site for getting banned quickly, but what you are not understanding is these anti-cheat companies have a whole bunch of staff working against a single coder's endeavours. Not very fair odds for the coder if you ask me, but the coder keeps at it making it a challenge for the anti-cheat companies so they can provide us with a good cheat to use. As we move into this new era of cheating, we are going to have to change our style of gameplay in order to look more legit, and to try to avoid being perm banned (which is almost impossible). Lets face it, the cost of a new key is now very expensive, so we just can't buy them every day. Nor do we want to. We have to start to blend in more... no more shooting as they are coming around the corner before they get there, or snapping around which will be more noticeable and get you perm banned. Also, a lot of the games are now being monitored by admins and anti cheat staff. So if you are watching players through walls or running straight to an enemy, then there is a higher chance of getting banned if an admin is watching. These new anti-cheat companies are monitoring the servers all the time looking for us...we might as well be on a 'wanted dead or alive' poster. Even by playing carefully, it may still cost you your key in the end. I think we all have to start to realize the moment we decide to buy and turn on that cheat that a ban will eventually come whether it takes a month, a week or even an hour. This will affect each one of us as cheaters. Coders make cheats they don't create miracles.
    Moving forward as the new games are coming out (Battlefield 4, Call Of Duty Ghost etc...) keep in mind that they will be banning for unrealistic statistics. Take some time and read up on each anti-cheat company and what they are capable of in this new day and age of cheating.
    We now have to stop the blame game every time we get caught. It is nobody's fault that we get banned but our own, because WE decided to cheat and take the risk so we can have an edge on the regular player. So we as cheaters need to OWN IT, not complain about it.
    To sum this all up hackers/cheaters:
    1) Play at your own risk... a ban can happen nowadays at any moment or time.
    2) Don't run blaming the cheat site when you get banned: There are too many ways to get banned these days.
    3) Don't rage, try to look more legit.
    4) Remember, they are watching your stats and will ban you for unrealistic stats at their discretion.

    Good Luck Out There, Stay alive and protect yourself at all costs.
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