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Thread: [Review] CS:GO/DESTINY 2/Escape from Tarkov (rip)

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    [Review] CS:GO/DESTINY 2/Escape from Tarkov (rip)


    For CS:GO I've been using cheats for quite a while, most of my accounts approx. 9 of them have all been VAC'd within the day. Using Aim junkies version, I played for about 2 weeks straight and no VAC. Easy to use, GREAT UI (emphases on that), amazing for looking "legit". [Don't take my word for the cheat being un-detectable, always check the status before you run it.] For those of you wondering, used skeleton w/ boxes, legit RCS (with skip pause), silent aim with about 3-5 FOV, BHOP(stop after 2 hops), and those are basically my go to options to look "legit"

    Overall: 9/10
    (did have some crashes, fixed it within 30 min.)


    Destiny 2 doesn't really ban that often, really simple, aimbot usually tracks through walls, which I'm not a big fan of but there are easy work a-rounds to that. Great Tracking on aimbot. Really Really Simple.

    Overall: 8/10
    (doesn't offer much, just aimbot esp)

    Escape from Tarkov (RIP)

    I've been banned before on Tarkov with other cheats, all within the hour. With Aimjunkies' I've played for near a week straight and nothing. Amazing UI, Great tracking, Easy to use. Mixed with a HWID Spoofer of my choosing along with AimJunkie's tarkov option, I was unstoppable. UNTIL, BSG implemented Battle-Eye. I can't wait for Aimjunkies to release their new Tarkov cheats.

    Overall: 10/10
    (The best I've used for all tarkov selections)

    In general Aimjunkies is my go-to, if you're reading my review, thank you for your time. I can't wait for what future options and what they are going to implement to their current cheats. :)

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    [Review] CS:GO/DESTINY 2/Escape from Tarkov (rip)
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    Thanks for your Review!!! Glad your enjoying yourself
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