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Thread: Battlefield 4 review

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    Battlefield 4 review

    I have been using the hacks for only a few days now and I can already say they are absolutely amazing over a year ago by now I used the same cheats and lets just say at the time I was a lot less careful about using cheats like I mean aimbot all the way even then I would very rarely get banned even now I havent been banned at all so their bypasser is also an easy + of course we have admins that can still ban us and spread the word but for the most part that is our decision to let admins find out other then that the cheat features what you would expect it to and then a few little bonus things as I said before I used to aimbot all the way well that answers the fact that aimbot works and worked good before I remembered the name of this site I recently I had searched the internet for a while for the hacks for games I have but the answer is literally on this website I came here and I found a cheat for almost every game I have I guess this isnt necessarily about battlefield 4 cheats but those are good let me get that outve the way I am really trying to say if you are searching the internet and getting scammed just come to here and trust them I used to have the VIP package which was amazing I had a cheat for literally everything I planned on that to be the week of getting banned from like everything but I ended up not even getting banned from anything anyways this is getting old now so +++++++++++++++++++++++++

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    Thanks for the kind words. We hope you enjoy !!!
    -AimJunkies Staff

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