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Thread: BF V ESP edition review

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    BF V ESP edition review

    Well after a bit of trouble-shooting which was to put simply USER STUPIDITY i.e. Me I found the cheat absolutely perfect for what you want it to do.

    The support staff were great and professional despite how retarded I am at computers and managed to get me up and running!

    Fully customize able colors with all the options to help you get your frag on in-game.
    The options are numerous and the color customization is great for those people who want to make it just right for them.


    Helped old me get my game on with all those pesky youngsters with their super long game times and super fast reflexes would purchase again!

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    BF V ESP edition review
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    Good to Hear, Sneaksn1pe.

    Also your not retarded or stupid. Your just not invested in computer science or the computer industry im sure your excellent in another aspect in life . Everyone has their pro's & con's.

    Anyway happy to hear you like the cheat. And hope to se you around the forums in the future!
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