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Thread: BF3 Hack works smooth.

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    BF3 Hack works smooth.

    The BF3 hack works flawless and does not seem to affect my game's performance at all.. (Other sites I have tried did..) I only had this hack for about 5 hours to deal with pesky cheaters/glitchers on my server. I have to say this works flawless, albeit the aimbot is a bit too good for my likes I nearly got caught when I jumped past a window to get another player, twitched and headshotted a guy running while passing the window. The ESP is friendly not too obtrusive, the enemy can see you and is behind you feature is something new to me on BF3. You can tell who can see you or not unless they are hitbox glitched, this is amazingly helpful for spotting sniping positions and etc. When I open and close the hack menu I will not crash or freeze as I have with other hacks and the hacks do not just "disappear" at random times. I must say this is probably the most refined hack I have used in a long time. Well worth 20 bucks compared to the competition.

    Thats all for now I will probably come back and edit this over time.

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    We are glad you enjoy it sir. Also another feature our coder has added is the black screen, which means if pb tried to screenshot you it will only come up as a black screen to them, the other feature is clean so if they try to screenshot you while this feature is on it will turn the esp off so they cant see anything. I really enjoy the BF3 hack and im glad you are too sir

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