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Thread: BF4/BFV Review

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    BF4/BFV Review
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    BF4/BFV Review


    Figured i'd give my 2 cents on the Battlefield cheats i've used so far.

    For BF4, its awesome. One of the most useful tools in the menu is knowing when you are being watched by admins, it has happened to me twice in a 2 week period... In one instance i was getting some solid one shots on guys from around 500 meters away while sniping, to not look inconspicuous, I unsighted and shot some dummy shots, repositioned to get killed and then switched to another class. He watched me for about 15 minutes and then saw the message disappear. As long as you're not being obvious with it and honestly play with balance in mind, you will not be seen or detected.

    Play smart, win hard but dont forget to get lit up too so you're not sitting with 100+ kills and 2 deaths as infantry.
    Vehicle aimbot is in the works so don't use it yet, you will crash as soon as you aim down your sights.

    Overall its a solid cheat, you wont be disappointed.

    For BFV, I have mixed feelings about it but its more of a me and a skill issue rather than the cheat itself. Just had a hard time sniping with it and some bullets while having silent aimbot and regular on had me confused as to why some of the shots didnt land. It is pretty much BF4's cheat but with extra goodies. You can do very well with just the ESP alone. I personally dont like BFV in general anyways just because of the state of the game at the moment but if you're on the fence about it, i say give it a try.

    If you want both, just get the overdose package, its got WAAAY more bang for your buck. Plus you can do the 24hr trial which is awesome. Ive been using it and yeah its a decent upfront price but for the price of one game vs the multitude of other cheats, its kind of a no brainer.

    I appreciate all feedback!

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    Glad your enjoying the cheats.

    BFV Is a bit of a buggy game from my own expierences.
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