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Thread: BFV (5) ESP only

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    BFV (5) ESP only

    I7-3770K @ 3.50GHZ
    16GB Ram
    Full 3840x2160 UHD screen
    RTX 2080 Founders Edition OC

    Running BF v on High settings 3840x2160 with an average FPS 75 with ESP turned on

    Nice options to choose from colours to boxes and skeleton

    Inject when the game is loaded and then by pressing the menu button you now have all options.

    You can change all colours from when not in view to when in view I choose green when hidden and red when in sight.

    There are sliders at the bottom for how far view you want to see.

    I have had no crashes with this cheat what so ever and my specs are at the top, but framerate does drop a bit.

    you can choose no sky but for me it takes away my gun and ads for some reason so I don't use that option.

    All in all very nice ESP with a couple more options thrown in for the money.

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    Thanks for review sir!
    Glad you enjoyed the cheat!

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    BFV (5) ESP only
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    Thanks for the review, we appreciate it very much!

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    BFV (5) ESP only
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    Hi do u OC your cpu when running rtx?

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    Thanks for the review brotha!
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    Quote Originally Posted by xAbArx View Post
    Hi do u OC your cpu when running rtx?
    No I leave the Cpu alone I dont overclock the cpu and it runs just fine, no bottlenecking

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    BFV (5) ESP only
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    Dec 2013
    i see ..thanks for info. bcoz i running
    i7 3770K 16Gb RAM 1600Mhz
    Now run RX580 8GB
    Soon turn to RTX2080ti
    I read on other forums need OC the cpu.

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