I would like to say first of all this cheat takes getting used to for the first few minutes because the guide on the BTD thread is outdated and the menu looks completely different. It's not a big deal, especially after I figure it all out that I realize there are lots of features. Every time I play I learn something new about the menu("oh, I can do that?!?")

My tips for using this cheat is to turn the "Cash Timer"" from 9999 to 1, and then increase the amount of cash you get from the timer(that option is close to the Cash Timer option). You will practically have infinite cash. There is also the option to sell your towers for a huge amount of cash which if I remember correctly, was option #63.

Overall I give this cheat a 4.9/5 because feature wise, nothing is lacking. This is all you need for a BTD Battles cheat. You will absolutely stomp your opponent. Even if you get put in the hacker pool for being too obvious(if you follow a closet-cheating playstyle you will never get in the hacker pool), you won't face opponents who actually hacks. It's just a bunch of kiddies who hacked their medals and currencies in the game and not actual ingame hackers. You will destroy everyone.

On a special note, I'd like to also say this website has been one of the most stable and consistent cheat provider website by far. Where "Online" actually means the cheat is online, not "oops we forgot to switch the status teehee" which I've experienced from other providers. This isn't my first rodeo in case you think I'm giving this statement off of 1 or 2 purchases. I've been buying cheats on and off from sister site Virtual-Advantage and they all adhere to the same standards.